Chaplain's Office

The Religious Support (RS) Directorate advises the Senior Commander, Joint Force Headquarters – National Capital Region (NCR)/US Army Military District of Washington (MDW) and staff on all matters pertaining to chaplains, chaplain activities and ministry, morals, and morals as affected by religion in current and contingency operations in a joint environment (Executive Order 202330Z, dated 20 Jun 2003).  The RS Directorate provides spiritual and moral leadership as well as ceremonial support within the command.  The RS Directorate provides technical oversight of religious activities for all subordinate commands and installations in the NCR.  The RS Directorate implements the plans, policies, and programs of Headquarters, Department of the Army Chief of Chaplains, as they relate to JFHQ-NCR/MDW IAW AR 165-1.  

Points of Contact

  • Command Chaplain:   202-685-2859
  • Deputy Command Chaplain: 202-685-2858
  • Joint Plans and Ops Chaplain: 202-685-2996
  • Wounded Warrior Chaplain: 202-685-4815
  • Religious Affairs NCOIC: 202-685-2857
  • Administrative NCOIC: 202-685-2856

Links for NCR Installation Religious Support

Fort Belvoir:

Fort Meade:

Memorial Chapel, JBM-HH:

Fort A.P. Hill:

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