Special Victim Counsel

What is a Special Victim Counsel?

Special Victims Counsel (SVC) are legal assistance attorneys who have received special training and are designated by the Staff Judge Advocate as SVCs.
  • An SVC’s role is to zealously represent you.  This means, an SVC’s primary duty is to you and no other person, organization, or entity.
  • SVC will work to empower you by fostering your understanding of the military justice process and providing you with legal assistance.  This will be accomplished by providing effective and timely advice, being available to assist throughout the entire military justice process, and providing appropriate advocacy to ensure that the rights you are entitled to are fully realized.
  • The mission of the SVC is to provide you with confidential legal representation related to issues that may arise as a result of being sexually assaulted.

If You Need Assistance

The SVC is located at
Bldg. 201, Fort Myer, VA 22211
Office: (703) 696-0761
Fax: (703) 696-2181

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